Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to my blog, did you bring food?

This is piggie #1:
Did you bring the food or not?

My friend Nancy Bea came to visit recently and a frequent topic of conversation was "why wasn't I blogging". Honestly, I didn't have a very good answer. I'm always trying to write, always saying I want to write, always thinking of things to write. It seems like a good recipe for starting a blog. Only, what would I write about? And who would read it?

Right now on my mind there's this weird dichotomy between tech and non-tech. I go outside and weed way too many rows of beautiful gourds and pumpkins, or feed the pigs or the chickens, but all the while I'm thinking up new ways to create wikis for all my friends and relations. So, I'm hoping this blog will be a reflection of what in Barcelona they now call "neo-rurals": those folks who have left the city looking to reconnect with the land and our food and a simpler life, but who are still completely in love with technology and every last gadget they can drool over, if not actually have arrive on the next UPS truck.

So I hope I can use this space to write down tips about squash bugs and wiki farms, about Flickr and fencing. Mostly, I just hope I can use it to start writing.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you are blogging, Liz. Another long-awaited link for my "Friends and Family" blogroll. Soon I will have converted you all...gnyahah hah hah! Seriously, welcome and warm wishes!

  2. Hi Liz. Don’t know if I asked this already: What’s the reason why you are using Google’s Blog site – and not, say, a WordPress page? Background of the question is my plans to start writing on an own blog.

  3. Hi Jochen:
    I like Blogger because it's simple, but powerful, and because it's relatively easy to have your blog on your own domain. I experimented with WordPress ages ago, but didn't feel like dealing with the server stuff.

    I wrote a book about Blogger too :)

  4. Oh, thx for this hint! You’re right, there is a bit knowledge needed how to install WP. But: Today the WP folks make it VERY easy. As soon you are downloading WP you come across through an easy step by step procedure. But you are right, you have to run your own server and define there specific directories.
    I will read your book and decide then!


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