Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh, and books too

That is, it should probably be "Pigs, Chickens, Wikis, and Books"...

I just finished reading this book called Accidentally on Purpose about this 39 year old woman who has a one-night stand, gets pregnant, and decides to keep the baby that--of course--subsequently changes her life. Strangely enough, it didn't feel like so much a book about parenting as a book about relationships. She has a very strange one with the father of her baby: she wants her baby to have a relationship with his father and she thinks the father is sexy, but she spends the better part of the book describing in detail what a slacker he is. He doesn't have a decent apartment, he has a boring job that he hates, he doesn't have a car, and on and on. And she is continuously put out by what she calls "enabling" him, driving him home after he's taken care of the baby, helping him buy a car he doesn't want, encouraging him to go for a better job that he's nervous about. I found myself constantly cringing for this very real person getting slammed in public. Then again, the more she griped about him, the more I disliked her.

Too close to the end, she realizes that if she can let up, maybe he can get up. I would have liked to have heard more in this regard. Instead, it felt rushed and almost as if she wasn't really willing to examine her own needs to control how things were going as much as his passive-agressiveness and unwillingness to go along.

Still, it was an interesting read. How children do change your life!

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