Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pigs love Whey

Down the road, there's a great CSA called Sangha Farm that makes yummy goat cheese. I asked them if I could have their whey for my pigs and they were kind enough to save me a bucketful. I finally gave it to the pigs yesterday and boy did they love it. They slurped it up.

Pigs love whey

Laika liked the whey too:
Laika loves whey too

They didn't like it as much as grain, however. I found that out this morning when I gave them the other half. I only had two dishes, so I put grain in one and whey in the other. They fought over the grain. Once in a while the boy, who's at the bottom of their short hierarchy, would come over and sip some whey, but really he wanted grain too. So I dumped some extra on the ground. Then they were happy.

When we went back this afternoon, both the grain and the whey were all gone.

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  1. Oh I love pigs! We are making soft cheese from our homemade yogurt and then keeping the whey for wild fermentation recipes.

    Miss ya!


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