Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Hazelnut Harvest

I'd been waiting and waiting, watching my first five hazelnuts as they went from flowers to green bulging fruits to brown hazelnut-looking things. And as usual, I waited too long. When I went out this morning to check on them, all five were gone. At first, I thought the chipmunks had gotten them, but I started looking around on the ground and found four of the five. I think I was lucky.

Hazelnuts and Pumpkin


  1. So happy for you! I know how satisfying it is (and how hard it is to get others to understand the joy) when something you've nurtured from seed grows and harvests to final fruition... I've wanted to grow hazelnuts (bush or tree?) for a long time, but don't know the first thing... where did you get yours? Seed or plant? Any seeds to share? :-)
    I live in central Illinois, and have relatively no problem growing most things (I 've grown hardshell gourds for 2 years now), but is a hazelnut 'plant' only doable in the deep South? Sorry so many questions... If you would email me, I'd sure appreciate any info you can share.
    Again, happy day to you, on your 'rescued' hazelnuts (I'd keep 'em in a jar on a shelf somewhere, bragging purposes you know, LOL),
    Shea in Illinois

  2. Thanks Shea!
    I got my hazelnut trees from St. Lawrence Nurseries, a place I found through a NOFA conference a few years ago. The trees are three years old, I think, and I'm hoping I get more than 4 hazelnuts next year :)

    He's up in northern New York state, almost to Canada, so I think you could definitely grow them in Illinois. (I'm in Massachusetts.)

    I've always thought it rather magical to grow things... but things like hazelnuts or fruit, they seem even more amazing, especially the first time. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

    take care,


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