Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pigs in the Garden

Well, I've got two other blog posts written in my mind, but since this is from today, I'm going to stop pretending I'm going to write the others first, and just write this.

This morning it snowed. DH was really crabby, threatening to move back to Barcelona. Sigh. As an old-time New Englander, I knew, as much as I knew every morning of my childhood when school wasn't canceled, that the snow would be gone by mid-afternoon. Even got a bet with a week without chores out of it. But I did get one picture before it had all melted away:

First Snow

Meanwhile, the snow did make us realize that we had to move the pigs to the garden right away while there was still time for them to eat up all the weeds we had neglected to pull out during the summer. They didn't want to leave their original area. We set up a fenced corridor between the old place and the new but even when we removed the fence between the two areas, they wouldn't cross the line where the wire had been. I tried pushing them (yeah, right) and yelling at them, and offering them chunks of pumpkin and grain, but it wasn't until we walked away that they started following us.

When they finally made it all the way to the garden, DH reattached the wire across the border and in they were. The idea is that they'll wander about the garden, digging it up for next year, eating all the weed seeds in the process. It doesn't hurt that they're much closer to the water and the apple tree and the leftover pumpkins.

Pigs in the garden

They're really getting fat!


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