Sunday, November 2, 2008

iPhoto Book Themes

If you're a Mac user and an iPhoto fan, you've probably thought about printing out some of your photos in a book. I highly recommend it. Ever since my friend, Nancy Bea, lost 19,000 pictures when her computer got accidently bumped to the floor, I've been more and more convinced that the only good backup is a printout.

I always find it hard to choose an iPhoto theme... partly because Apple only shows you a very small portion of what the interior pages of any given theme might look like. Some themes let you have a lot of text, some don't let you have any, some let you have one or two photos per page, some let you have many more, even up to 32.

But how to tell which iPhoto theme is the one you want?

Use my handy iPhoto theme wiki! I give a detailed description of each theme, including use of text, and number of photos. Then I actually show you what each page of each theme can look like, depending on the orientation of the photos you choose.

iPhoto Book Themes site

Hopefully, you'll find that it's a helpful tool for making your iPhoto books. Hey, the holidays are coming.

You'll also note that this site was created with PmWiki... although it's not currently open to the public for editing, it certainly could be. I used the wiki software to make it easy to create a lot of connected pages without having to write all the code by hand.


  1. Hi Liz, just wanted to let you know that your iPhoto wiki is fabulous !!! I am in the middle of creating a photo book for my mum. Selecting a theme was really hard, as you stumble into it without having a clue what to look for (how many photos per page, with or without captions etc). Your wiki provided all the information which otherwise would have taken me ages to find out by myself. Fantastic. THANK YOU !!! Sue

  2. Thanks for the wiki... I was having a hard time creating my iPhoto album "blind". I didn't realize I would have so little options as to how many picture go on each page in some of the themes.

    Wish I could customize that....

    Thanks, again.


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