Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crafted in the Village

I'm almost ready for the "Crafted in the Village" fair that Elmer's is hosting this weekend here in Ashfield. Well, as ready as I can be in two days. I keep thinking of more things I could make out of gourds. It's kind of crazy, but as long as I'm wanting to do more, I guess it's a good thing. (When I'm just cramming to make more to have enough and am ready to go to bed, that's a bad sign.)

Gourds for Crafted in the Village

If you click this photo, the individual gourds are labeled in Flickr.

Yesterday, I received a shipment of "giant" gourds... the biggest one is 47" in diameter and about two feet high. They are fun to paint but not so fun to scrape out.

Part of the deal was that they would send me a bunch of tiny jewelry gourds. The smallest of these is only about 3/4" of in diameter and maybe an inch high. Very cute. I had to negotiate with my youngest to maintain ownership...

Meanwhile, I have been making bowls with velvet and sometimes decoupage interiors, and also quite a few egg shaped ornaments.

Gourds for Crafted in the Village

If you click this photo, the individual gourds are labeled in Flickr.

Today, my latest inspiration was to use the cutout piece from the giant gourd to make barrettes with. They're not ready to photograph but I have high hopes.

Please come to the fair. I should be on the second floor of Town Hall.


  1. Those are just beautiful! I love those two bowls ~ the one with the decoupaged tissue paper and the one with the flocking.

    Whatever are you planning for those huge gourds?! I was just thinking they'd make awesome pet beds.

    Good luck at the craft show!!

  2. :) Pet bed was the first thing I thought of too after opening up that big one. I tried it out on my kitties, but they didn't immediately jump in (as they usually do with a box or bag).

    It started out as a big basket, but the other side is really clear and nice so I didn't have the heart to cut it out.

    I'm having a hard time controlling my mini-jigsaw on them, because of their thickness and that's conditioning my carving plans...

    Thanks for the kind words!

  3. I really like that crafted...
    Great and amazing i think,creative...



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