Friday, December 19, 2008

Wrapping Cloth and Ribbon

My sister inspired me a few years ago to give up wrapping paper. I was an easy sell since I hate those big piles of spent wrapping paper that you can't even recycle (or burn!) And since I love to sew, I have lots and lots of fabric. (OK, too much fabric, I confess freely.) So instead of paper, I wrap things up with scraps of cloth. Or sometimes big, huge, folded-over pieces of cloth that I can't bear to cut :) After the presents are open, I gather up my fabric and squirrel it back to my stash.

I was just at Joann's Fabric and they were having a clearance sale on their Christmas-oriented cloth... so I got a bit more variety and seasonality in my wrapping cloth supplies. They also had some lovely, extemely cheap, fabric ribbon. I'm ready. Now if I could just finish my sewing projects.

Wrapping Cloth and Ribbon

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  1. Ooo, I love this picture ~ all the vibrant colours and textures... Beautiful!!

    My MIL switched to MASSIVE drawstring gift bags a few years ago exactly for this purpose. Well, no, actually I think it was because they always buy everyone too much stuff and instead of buying less, they just decided to wrap less!! Either way, it sure reduces the paper that tends to accumulate.

    I love the fabric wrapping though. I'm going to bookmark that post and see if I can't make use of it next year. What a cool idea!


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