Friday, April 24, 2009

Hide all Firefox Toolbars with a single click

I just clicked randomly in the top right corner of a bucket of windows and something funny happened: the address bar and navigation bars disappeared and the content part of the window took over. It was rather nice. Check it out:

Here's the before, with all Navigation Toolbar (where the Address box and Search boxes are), the Bookmarks Toolbar, and even the Web Developer's Toolbar.

Firefox - hide toolbars

Click that little button in the top right corner, and poof, they all disappear, giving you much more space for the Web site you're looking at (or taking screenshots of, or whatever):

Firefox - hide toolbars

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The best way to label photos

I'm not in the car often enough to listen to very many podcasts, but I have three favorites: This American Life, NPR's Sunday Puzzler, and Internauta.

This last is a program offered by Catalunya Radio and at least for me, serves the dual purpose of keeping me connected with Catalunya and keeping me up to date on technology there (and here).

The other day I was listening to an interview of David Iglesias, the head of the "Photographic Archive of Girona" about the best ways to organize and manage collections of photos. They have more than 3,000,000 photos!

There were a couple points I found very interesting. First, he recommended scanning positives, not negatives. Second,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Switch tools in InDesign

This is a tiny tip but I love it. You already know that in InDesign you can choose the Selection tool by pressing the letter V and the Direct Selection tool by pressing the letter A. But what do you do if you're writing in a text box?

Hold down the Command key to temporarily switch to the Selection tool, click outside of the text box, and then press V or A, as you need.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy day on the farm

I woke up to lambs. Two cute little tiny ones. There's a boy that's mostly all black, who we're naming Birch, and a girl whose black and white curls mix all over her body. She's Maple. Her mom is Willow, you get the idea.

Birch and Maple

After a while, I went back in the house to make coffee and I heard the chickens complaining. I look out the window and there's a fox, 50 yards from the house, and a fair bit closer to said chickens. I grab my camera (of course!) but dh isn't playing around.

Fox in the backyard

He runs outside (as I snap madly) and encourages Laika, our huge dog, to chase the fox. Laika, however, is instead inspired to join in the chase of the chickens. Most of us laugh hysterically.

The fox, meanwhile, gets spooked and decides to fly the coop, so to speak. She's gone within seconds across the field.

I watch all day for her return, but she does not reappear. I'll close the little lambs in carefully, just in case.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Machine doesn't back up iPhoto

I've confessed before to having a scary number of photographs in my iPhoto library. However, since Steve Jobs promised that iPhoto could handle "hundreds of thousands" and since I only have a measly 40,000 I get downright testy when folks from Apple say I have too many.

This happened the other day. First, Time Machine just stopped working. Up and failed. Said it couldn't find the external drive

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