Friday, April 24, 2009

Hide all Firefox Toolbars with a single click

I just clicked randomly in the top right corner of a bucket of windows and something funny happened: the address bar and navigation bars disappeared and the content part of the window took over. It was rather nice. Check it out:

Here's the before, with all Navigation Toolbar (where the Address box and Search boxes are), the Bookmarks Toolbar, and even the Web Developer's Toolbar.

Firefox - hide toolbars

Click that little button in the top right corner, and poof, they all disappear, giving you much more space for the Web site you're looking at (or taking screenshots of, or whatever):

Firefox - hide toolbars

1 comment:

  1. Any hints on doing that from a javascript so I can also get rid of the bottom status bar?
    (Can already kill the status bar from a JS, but want to kill the toolbars like this at the same time)


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