Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New transparent navigation bar for Blogger

Blogger creates a navigation bar (or navbar) up at the top of your blog by default. Your visitors can use it to search, follow, share, or report your blog, and, as long as you're logged in, you can use it quickly jump to the add new post or change layout settings pages.

The default Blogger navbar is blue with white text and blue links:

Blogger's default navigation bar

For a long time, you've been able to choose Tan, Black, and Silver as well. Now, you can have the navigation bar be transparent, letting your blog's background shine through. The Transparent Light navbar has dark links and the Transparent Dark navbar has light colored links. Choose the one that works best with your blog's background.

Blogger's Light Transparent Navigation Bar

To change the navbar, go to Layout | Page Elements and click the Edit button in the Navbar element. Then choose the desired navbar design in the NavBar Configuration dialog box.

Blogger's Navbar Configuration dialog box

Save changes and view your new layout!

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