Monday, February 1, 2010

Copying a file with Command-C

OK, before I tell you what I just discovered, I feel compelled to note that I have been using a Macintosh since 1985!

I was watching a video tutorial this morning and the guy copied a file on the desktop by pressing Command-C and then switched to another folder and pasted it in there by pressing Command-V. Did you all know you could do that? I sure didn't. Not sure if it's useful, but it definitely took me by surprise, even though it's completely logical and obvious.

Thought you should know too!


  1. Control X followed by Conrol V is cut and paste.

  2. lolll!!!
    Ya use it vey frequently...
    Ur book is really amazing!!!
    I was in college wen I read ur 1st edition...
    Eventhough its unlike ur 6th got me intrested!
    My bro gifted me ur 6th edition buk...
    Now im using it 4 my module course 'Web Technologies'!!!
    It's really helping me...thnx a lot!!!
    N ur fotos r jus beautiful n different...
    My favurit is z Barcelona's market n z article in z table section about "The truths about Elephants" is very funny!!

  3. Same works on windows machines as well. CTRL+C will copy the file, CTRL+V will paste it. And if you want to move without copying use CTRL+X to cut it from the old folder and then CTRL+V to paste it in the new folder.


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