Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wait to upgrade to iPhoto 11: Apple says fix is imminent

I just spoke to someone at Apple who called me all the way here in Barcelona to see if my data was OK and if I needed any help. I was pretty impressed. They know how important our photos are to all of us.

They confirmed that there was indeed a window during the updating process in which a force quit could “create data loss”. I asked if I would have had the same problem without force quitting and the answer was probably not, though they didn't really specify how long I would have had to wait. There are people on the Apple Discussion Forums who have let their updates go for days with no apparent signs of life. I asked if RAM could have been an issue, and they said no.

They asked me if I had any projects created with older versions of iPhoto, and I said I had two from iPhoto 5. And they asked me if I had any video playback extensions for QuickTime (I don't). They also asked how big my library was (233gb).

I asked if changing permissions of the iPhoto Library was really helpful (as someone suggested on one of my blog posts), and was told that it was only part of the solution. Deleting old projects does not seem to have any effect whatsoever.

Mostly, and this was the most important thing, they told me that a fix from Apple was imminent and that we would soon have official confirmation of same.

It's probably best to wait for the fix, but if you can't, be sure to properly BACK UP your iPhoto Library before upgrading to iPhoto 11!


  1. Good grief! 233 GiB? It had nothing to do with iPhoto. Your collection reached critical mass and self-destructed!

    Seriously, I'd never trust a single repository that big.

  2. Good to hear that they are taking this seriously.
    I lost the whole folder from 2010.
    My installation reported successfully. When starting iPhoto I just get a message that iPhoto 11 cannot open this library and I press OK to quit. Then, when I check the originals folder lots of files are gone and I have more free space.
    There have been reports of certain video files causing this issue, and that suits my profile good.

  3. I am glad Apple is so concerned to call YOU all the way to Barcelona (it is a local call, no?), but for the rest of US, I would just say that I am not so sure.
    I did find the help on your blog though, thanks to iphoto11.wordpress.com, so thanks, but no thanks.

  4. Seems nothing imminent has been done to sort out Iphoto 11 by Apple yet? Are they actually on the case?

  5. It is now March 8 2011. I upgraded from iPhoto 9 (as that one did not work properly on my iMac. The upgrade to iPhoto 11 has been a disaster. It constantly freezes and makes my menu bar go black.
    When will Apple fix this problem?


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