Thursday, December 16, 2010

iBooks 1.2 - Going Back and Forward

There are lots of interesting features in the new version of iBooks 1.2. I'm going to see if I can get through them all today, but instead of putting them all in one post, I'm going to publish them as I finish each section.

You can go back

Now when you click on a link in a book a tiny link appears in the lower left corner of the page allowing you go back to the page from whence you came. When you go back, there is then a link in the lower right corner letting you go back to where you came back from (that is, forward).

This is a huge improvement, and makes footnotes/endnotes and links in general MUCH more useful. I love it.

Imagine you're on a links page in Walden:


You click on the line "I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born." and jump to the page that contains that link.

In the bottom-left corner of the new page, you see "Back to page xx".


If you click on it, you'll go back to the page you came from. And now on the page you came from, you'll see a light gray link in the bottom-right corner that lets you go forward again to the page you had clicked to go to.


  1. Just like the "back" in every other sistems.

  2. Has 1.2 been released yet or are you using a preview version? I still have 1.1.2 and when I open iTunes it doesn't show me that any updates are available. But I'm in Canada, so maybe the 1.2 release isn't available here yet (Canada only just yesterday approved the Apple e-bookstore, which we've been unable to use until they worked out the legalities...everything comes later to us, so we're used to waiting! ;-)

  3. @LordMax, I know I know, but since it didn't exist before, this is really great news. Imagine if they suddenly support page breaks!

    @Brad: Officially released yesterday. Keep haunting iTunes!

  4. Does this replace the Bookmarks feature now?

  5. No, not a replacement. Bookmarks are handy when you want to remember one or more places in a book, whether or not you jumped to them from another page.

  6. I'm on the way to publish a bilingual eBook with my translation (in french) of the "Enfer" of Dante Alighieri. Just the 6 first cantos for now as a test. ePubcheck is OK, Flightcrew too. There are many notes. Now here is the problem I encounter (with 1.2 and iPad)
    1) In iBooks, when I tap on a notemark in text, I go to the note, and when I tap on the number preceeding the text of the note, (which I made for backlink,) I go back to the text. Good.
    2) When I tap on the noteMark in text, I go to the note, and USE THE "back link" recently added by Apple, I go back to the text. Good too.
    3) NOW, when I tap a second time on the same noteMark in text... NOTHING HAPPENS. I must tap on the tiny link bottom right, go to the note, tap on my own baclink before it... AND NOW, the tap on the notemark in text is working as before!
    HAVE YOU encountered that oddity? Or is it my code which is the problem (I repeat it is OK with ePubcheck and flightCrew)
    THANKS for your eBook (I own it), and for your answer - maybe?
    Guy de Pernon (and excuse my bad english)

  7. Dear Liz,

    Have you worked on a new edition of Walden? I've noticed you frequently turn to that book for examples, I'd love to get my hands on a version of that book if you've worked on it.


  8. @Dave: Do you mean other than the versions I've posted to my examples page: ?


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