Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reading Library Books on Bluefire Reader: Updated!

In November, before Overdrive came out with software for the iPad and iPhone, I told you how you could use Bluefire Reader to read your library books, thanks to a Javascript bookmarklet developed by Greg Williams. Someone on Twitter recently noted that the script that Greg developed was no longer working, I forwarded that to Greg, and he has now kindly posted an update.

For some reason, I can't select just the script on that page when I'm on the iPad, so I created a standalone page that contains only the script itself. You can open that page, select all that text, and paste it into your bookmark on Mobile Safari.

Full instructions for creating the bookmark can be found on the original post.

And many thanks to Greg for all the work he's done on this. We are all in your debt, Greg! (Follow or thank Greg at his blog or his Twitter.)


  1. i borrowed your book on blogging from my local library. renewed it twice already. will re-borrow it tomorrow. i think i should buy it. it is really exellent, but i've been too busy to finish it! thanks so much. looking forward to going through your blog in more detail.
    kate from sydney, australia

  2. @lyrebird: that's great! They had the EPUB version of my Blogger book? Or you got the paper one?


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