Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Web site and email are down

Just wanted to let you know that both my web site and email are non-functioning due to problems with my web host, MediaTemple. It's really frustrating. I've never really had this happen before for such a long period of time (over the course of the last three days, including the last 12 hours straight). I've been communicating with people via Twitter but what do you do when your whole web site goes down? It makes me think a lot about redundancy, and not putting all my eggs in one basket. This blog is up because it's hosted at Google (as part of Blogger).

I'm not at all sure this is due to egregious behavior by MediaTemple. On the contrary, I've been pretty happy with them. And the thought of moving again is just such a hassle. But I will definitely be looking for ways to spread my digital presence among different providers and physical locations in order to lessen the impact caused by these probably inevitable circumstances.

If you're trying to get a hold of me via email, now you know why I haven't answered. Try Twitter!


  1. Bummer! We host ours from sites in the US and in Ireland. Haven't had any trouble that I know of.

  2. It is like being sick when this happens - where's the doctor?

    While your connections down, I think this question would be intriguing - How can one use the "Mark Twain Project" ebook structure for one's own massive tome? Forget the database feeds, but simplified, if possible, this looks like a great eBook structure - the source code is in HTML. How it is done?

    An auto-didact computer expert with the help of Elizabeth Castro, cause the self-taught have many holes.


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