Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hyphenation in NOOK Color

What I really wanted to be writing about today was my new miniguide about, uh, well I'll tell you soon, which is all ready to go, but unfortunately not yet available on my shopping cart site. As soon as it is, I'll announce it here. (It's pretty cool :)

Meanwhile, I've been working a lot with the NOOK Color and noticed that it was mangling my headlines, putting hyphens in even though I don't want them, and even cutting off the end of words sometimes. This despite using the standard CSS hyphen controls that I explained in this article here in February.

Hyphens in NOOK Hyphens on NOOK Color

The standard CSS for controlling hyphens is not currently supported by NOOK Color, but thankfully, there was a guy from B&N on Mobile Read who offered a solution. Non-standard CSS, but a solution nonetheless. He says you can add:

adobe-text-layout: optimizeSpeed;

in order to force NOOK Color to use an older RMSDK which has a text engine which doesn't do hyphenation.

I added it to the rules for the headers in my book and it worked like a charm:

No Hyphen in NOOK No Hyphens on NOOK Color

And it doesn't seem to have a deleterious affect in iBooks (or indeed, any effect at all):
Hyphens in iBooks


  1. We wait with baited breath for the announcement of your latest offering!

  2. Thank you for this info Liz. Thank you, Thank you, and did I say Thank you? My hair should begin to grow back in now.

    A Struggling Self-Publisher (but struggling less each day).

  3. Is there a resource that has more adobe-specific CSS like this?

    And, UGH :)

  4. I wouldn't mind the hyphenation so much, but it hypehnates wherever it damn well pleases; I have a client who has "Bartlett" in his title name, and it hyphenates "Bartle-tt." ??? Between Nook (ADE) and Apple, it's enough to make you leap out a window. --Hitch aka booknook.biz

  5. So this also fixes the following situation:

    The word "[W]ith" was breaking on the ']', so that "[W]" would be at the end of one line and "ith" at the beginning of the next. This CSS also keeps that break from happening. Looks like it's more than just hyphenation that was in the new update.

  6. This property is better suited for hyphenation control:

    adobe-hyphenate: none | explicit | auto

    You should be able to set it on individual spans if you want to disable hyphenation. adobe-text-layout: optimizeSpeed uses lower quality typography and it is not recommended.

  7. hrmmm there's also the mozilla implementation of the css hyphen property... I'm not sure what the Nook's ebook reader is implemented with, obviously not webkit, possibly mozilla? ... worth a try:

    -moz-hyphens: none;

  8. Scratch my previous comment about hyphens and nook touch. Things work fine.

  9. @sorotokin, @chris:

    The "adobe-hyphenate: none | explicit | auto" doesn't work in NookColor at ALL; and the speed-optimize doesn't work with anything other than plain text; in headers, if you have tried to use anything at all for initial caps, or any small tags, the lines break constantly. As NookColor doesn't support the small-cap font-variant, it's a giant PITA. This RMSDK release has been nothing but agita.

  10. You are a lifesaver, as usual! Thanks!


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