Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogger offers new mobile templates

Have you looked at your blog on your phone lately? Mine's pretty illegible, I'm afraid to say.

Regular PGW on mobile

I discovered this morning that Blogger has added some nice new mobile templates to its settings. They make your blog look a lot better—if also simpler and easier to read—on iPhones and other mobile devices. (Note that the regular version will be used on iPad, which I think makes sense.) And it's super easy to set up.

Go to the Email & Mobile tab of the Settings section of your blog in Blogger:

Blogger mobile templates

In the Show mobile template section at the top of the tab, click Yes. Click the blue Mobile Preview button to get a sample of what your blog will look like in mobile browsers:

Mobile PGW

Don't forget to click Save Settings at the bottom of the tab.

And then go check your blog in some mobile devices (sorry, mine are all iOS):

Mobile PGW on mobile

Did I mention I wrote a pretty good book on customizing Blogger? It's called Publishing a Blog with Blogger: Visual QuickProject Guide. You can buy it on Amazon and elsewhere.


  1. For WordPress based sites, you can install WordPress Touch and enable even an icon for your site too!

  2. No, it’s not merely a “pretty good book” on Blogger. It’s THE BEST book on working with Blogger that I’ve found. It’s called a “Visual QuickProject Guide” and it’s exactly that. It has tons of illustrations that show exactly what the screen looks like when you want to do something, lots of captions with pointers that show you “this goes there,” and it really does make the process of getting your blog up very quick and easy. But your blog layout does not have to be carved in stone. Liz points out all sorts of ways you can customize your blog to make it your own, either right at the start or after you’ve lived with it a while and want to make it better. If you’re new to blogging and want to try Blogger, this is, without a doubt, THE book to get.

  3. I love your Blogger book! I checked it out from the public library last year and started a blog called "I'm learning to use blogger (with the assistance of 'Publishing a Blog with Blogger' by Elizabeth Castro)." I couldn't come up with an idea for a blog, so I decided to use a blog as way to follow along with your book and as a "notebook" to refer to in the future. Here's the link:

    If you check it out you will probably be my first visitor, as far as I know.

    Thanks for the wonderful book!


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