Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Using Zapf Dingbat symbols in EPUB

It's been one of those days, so I figured I'd just top it off with a little project that I've been meaning to do for a while. At least then I'll have gotten something done!

So, I'm working on a EPUB project and I need some Zapf Dingbats... they aren't hard to put in an EPUB, the problem is I can't ever remember which symbols are available and of course, what their codes are.

So I created a little table that answers both questions, showing all of the symbols next to the code you'll need to make them appear in an EPUB book in iBooks. I added a quick refresher about how to use the codes to make the symbols appear and then I made the whole thing into a little EPUB file for easy reference. Enjoy! I hope you find it as useful as I do.

Using Zapf Dingbats in EPUB


  1. Hi Liz, really helpful guide. But I've realised that whilst these symbols will display on an iPad they don't display in ADE as it has such limited support for unicode.

    Unless you've come across a way to tell ADE which fonts to use?? You Zapf Dingbat epub displays ? for all the dingbat characters.

    Great website and terrific books - thanks.

  2. Just a note that readers that use Adobe Digital Editions software won't display this range of characters. I think using an embedded font for these would be OK, but it is annoying that a company that grew up on fonts didn't bother to specify a Unicode capable font as a default.
    - pholy

  3. I've just embedded the Code2000 font (from Sourceforge) into your file, and now dingbats display just fine on my Sony and BeBook 1 readers (both use ADE software). On my old Kobo I had to specify the font-family in a td selector, because it gets ignored in a plain body selector (ugh!).
    It's a huge font file, but it is pretty complete. Not exactly a pretty font, either... good for tests.


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