Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Apple's iBookstore opens in 26 new countries

Christian Peters just alerted me to the fact that he can choose Spain as a market for his books on the iBookstore. Before today, you could only choose US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

Now, you can add twenty-six new markets for your iBooks: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Replublic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portgal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,
, Sweden, Switzerland.

To do so, go to iTunes Connect and open the book whose markets you want to add. Then click the Add New Territory button in the upper left corner:

iTunes Connect

Then, choose the desired country from the Territory pull-down menu, and set the publication date, price, and so on.

I don't have access to all those stores to see if they've gone live yet, but it's definitely imminent. Get your books in those markets quick!

Note: Would it be so much to ask for me to be able to add all the Euro countries at once, with a single date and a single price?

Another note, since Blogger inexplicably refuses to let me add comments: How about a nice little table with checkboxes and entry fields and lots of places where I can choose "select all".

Yet another update: I'm getting "Not on store" errors for Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland (all non Euro countries). When I click on it I get this message: "No Contract. You do not have a contract in effect for this territory. Please work with your iBookstore representative to enter into a new contract if you wish to sell your books in the territory in question."


  1. Also it would be nice to be able to choose Greek as the language of your ebook since it's in Greek and it going to be sold in the Greek iBookstore...

  2. Agreed. It would even be better if books were added to all territories and we could manually remove them. Makes no sense that each territory has to be added individually.

  3. When pricing books for new territories, any suggestion on how to select a tier? Do we look up what the conversion rate for that country is equivalent to USD? Is there a more humane option? Funny, for Apps, your 'for sale' everywhere, by default.

    Between their near non existent help from iBooks itunes connect when a book is not accepted, to adding territory by territory for sale. iBooks is about as pleasant to work with as a proctology exam. (or so I hear.)

  4. And again Iceland is not on the list.... damn damn damn

  5. Apps is a lot easier to add all countries.

    It seems there is a contract issue for iBooks though meaning you have to add each country individually and it then checks your status.

    As for Brendan G if you choose the same tier then it should be the same price ut it does seem to fluctuate so maybe check first to make sure you aren't overcharging or giving it away for next to nothing.

  6. Although we have enabled sales in the Greek store, titles are not yet appearing in the bookstore (listed as ready for sale in iTunes Connect). There was also a scheduled maintenance this morning, which might be affecting this.

  7. Anybody knows if US Tax ID is required for European publishers, even now that iBookstore is available for other 26 european countries?


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