Monday, September 26, 2011

Calling for Submissions to my EPUB Gallery

There aren't enough hours in the day. I imagine you noticed. One of the things that's really hard for me is to have enough time to experiment creating new EPUBs and to have enough time to write about them too and share the techniques discovered therein.

The other day I got a very nice note from David Fox, of Electric Eggplant, who, along with his wife Annie Fox, have just released a book called Are you my friend? It's a Read Aloud EPUB for kids, with a professional narration and charming illustrations. He asked if I knew of any websites that reviewed EPUB picture books and it occurred to me that maybe that was the solution to my problem.

Are you my friend?

Do you have a well-designed EPUB book that you think would be of interest to other folks working on EPUB books? If you want me to review your book and are willing to let me talk about how you created the effects or design you created, then feel free to send me a copy.

Your EPUB file can be fixed layout with or without Read Aloud or it can be a flowing book. It's OK if it works only in one ereader and if it works in several. You don't have to sell the book DRM-free, but you do have to send me a DRM-free version. And of course, I reserve the right to review only the books I really like, or that have some really well-designed feature.

I'll choose the ones I like best and talk about them in a specially tagged EPUB Gallery, here on my blog, as regularly as I can muster. And hopefully, I can give you some exposure for your book—and your clever, well designed EPUBs.


  1. Thank you for highlighting our iBook, Liz! And even more thanks for giving us small iBook publishers a way to show off our work! I'm very plased that I might have been the inspiration for this great idea! And this is perfect timing for us - we just lowered our price from the initial $4.99 to $2.99. More info on our iBook at

  2. Nice idea! I will see if I have a candidate for this gallery.

  3. What a great idea : ) looking forward to seeing some of these! All of our books are flowing. I tried fixed layout, but did not want to loose the changeable text size options for accessibility reasons. I am sure there is a way around it, I just have not worked it out yet.

  4. Great idea but I think it would be better with samples. It's easy to learn how to make HTML and CSS for web, there are a lot of resources, tips and tricks about how to get things right with browsers and all that stuff. And you can take a deep look with tools like Firebug ;) But with books is impossible. Books are opaque, everything is hidden inside.


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