Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Using Amazon's Send to Kindle to transfer ebooks and documents to Kindle

Amazon has just released the Send to Kindle app for Macintosh. It already exists for PCs. This is an app that facilitates getting documents in various formats—Word (.doc and .docx), text (.txt), RTF (.rtf), images (.jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp) and PDF (.pdf)—to your Kindle.

Once you've downloaded and installed Send to Kindle, you can activate the app in several different ways. First, you can right-click a document in the Finder and choose the Send to Kindle option near the bottom of the menu.

From Finder

You can choose Send to Kindle from the Printer menu in any program that has one (here's Word):

Print - Send to Kindle

Finally, you can click the Send to Kindle icon on the dock or drag a document to the Send to Kindle icon directly.


Whichever method you choose, you'll see the Send to Kindle's window in which you can specify a new title for the document and choose which Kindle you want to send the document to. You will also specify whether you want to use free Wifi or incur extra charges by using Amazon's Whispernet service.

Send to Kindle

If you check "Archive document in your Kindle Library" (which is on by default), your document will be available in the Kindle cloud, and thus to all of your Kindle devices. You can even deselect a device and send your document only to the cloud.


Notice at the bottom of the window that you'll be advised about which format your document will be converted to. If you right-click or drag and drop, Send to Kindle will convert Word, text, and RTF to Kindle format, and preliminary testing seems to indicate that it uses the same KindleGen algorithms that are used by Kindle Previewer and KDP. If you right-click or drag and drop a PDF file, you'll have the option (in the aptly named Options panel) to convert the PDF to Kindle format. I tested some simple documents, and it seemed to work quite well.

Send to Kindle - Options-1

If you use the print option, it will always send the document as a PDF, and the PDF cannot be converted to Kindle format. Note that the PDF document will be much larger than the Kindle version.

Send to Kindle - Options

All in all, the Send to Kindle app looks like a useful tool for getting documents into your Kindle. The Send to Kindle documentation has a few more details.


  1. The good thing with the Send to Kindle app, is that you can upload books up to 50 mb. The limit when you send books to your Kindle with mail to your adress is 25 mb.
    Unfortunately the app on both PC and Mac cant handle the author-tag right when uploading more than one book at a time.

  2. I am using Send to Kindle PC and it does not give me the option to convert from PDF to Kindle format. When the pdf shows up on my Kindle it is not possible to use the text reader option to hear it being read. Any ideas on how to see this work?


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