Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple opens iBookstores across Latin America (and New Zealand)

Updated: 9:32am

Thanks to a tip from Miquel Hudin, I noticed that Apple has already made it possible for publishers to add books to iBookstore in Latin America: specifically, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela. And it has also opened the iBookstore in New Zealand.

Add Territories Latin America

Simply go to iTunes Connect, Manage your books, and then choose Add Territories in the upper-left part of the window.

I assume that there will be a new version of iTunes Publisher today as well.

Note that I added a few of my books this morning, but they still say "Not on iBookstore" in the new countries. I suspect that will change during the day.

There are books in Spanish for sale already on some of the new iBookstores. To see a different country's iBookstore, in iTunes, choose iTunes Store, and then go to the very bottom of the window and click the flag in the bottom-right corner.

Click flag to change iBookstore country

Then choose the desired country from the list. Note that not all of the listed countries have the iBookstore (some only have the App store).

Here's a screenshot I took after switching to the Argentina iBookstore. Actual books for sale, in Spanish. Note the currency, however, all in USD.

iBookstore Argentina

As of 9:23, my books are still not available in the new countries, even though one is in Spanish. I'll let you know.

It is interesting to note that "Libros" now appears as a category on Apple's LinkMaker page for the new Latin American Market (and Books for New Zealand):

iTunes Link Maker Argentina

This is very exciting and is definitely an auspicious start to this day of new announcements by Apple. Can't wait for the rest.


  1. Yeah, I listed all of mine yesterday before going to bed in Spain and they're still not up today. Other people in forums from these new countries also aren't seeing anything yet. Guessing they'll throw the switch right when they make the announcement.

  2. I'm getting all my books listted in the new territories automatically marked as "DRM Free". I've had to uncheck country by country with every single new territory. Lotsa clicking.


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