Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Contract needed for new iBookstores

I got an email from Aaron Shepard, POD expert, this morning, letting me know that it's not enough to add your books to the new 18 iBookstores (Latin America and New Zealand) that Apple made available last week. You also have to download and accept the new contract addendums! Argh. So glad he told me.

Quick overview:

First, add the new territories to your books. Start by going into iTunes Connect and clicking Manage Your Books.

Manage your books

Next, click the cover of the book to which you wish to add territories.

On stores-1

Notice that the book on the right just says "32 stores", but there are currently 50 total possible. That means I need to add the remaining 18 new territories.

You can also see, under the Read Aloud EPUB book on the left, that I had already added the new territories to this book, but the book has still not been accepted into the new territories.

Next, you'll see the summary page for the chosen book. click the Rights and Pricing button in the upper-right corner.

Rights and Pricing button

iTunes Connect will show you the current list of territories where your book has been added, along with the Sales Start Date, DRM, Price, and other data. Click the Add New Territories button in upper-left corner.

iTunes Connect Rights and Pricing list

Choose a DRM option, Sales Start Date, Base Currency (sales in most Latin American countries in their own currencies is not available, with notable exception of Mexico), Publication Type, List Price (of print edition), and Suggested iBookstore Price (which must be less than List Price). Then check the boxes next to the territories you wish to add. Or click Select All. Then click Continue.

Add New Territories dbox

iTunes Connect now shows you a list of the new territories and the price for each one. You are not limited to this price. Go through the list and adjust as necessary. (The book shown here is free, so the price is 0 in each case.)

Confirm New Territories

Click Confirm when you're ready. Now you'll be back at the Rights and Pricing list, with the new territories added. But notice that they're still Not On Store. (Aaron tells me that if you click on the Not On Store label, you can see what the problem is.)

New Rights and Pricing

Click Done three times (always at bottom right of window) to get back to the iTunes Connect main window.

Now click Contracts, Tax, and Banking on the left side of the main iTunes Connect window.

Contracts, Tax, and Banking

Click Request next to the new Contract amendment. I recommend downloading and reading the document. If you agree, click the appropriate box and then click Submit.

Two more Done buttons and you're, well, done.

Now when you go to Manage Your Books, you'll see that your books are available on all 50 stores.

On 50 stores

And if you visit one of the new territories in iTunes (by clicking the flag button in the lower-right hand corner and then choosing the desired country), you'll see your books listed. It might take some time for the new iBookstores to properly index your book's search terms. At first, I was unable to find my books, even by searching on my name. Searching on ISBN does seem to work, and I'm hoping that that will get updated quickly.

Mexico iBookstore

Note that my book that sells for $5 in the US sells for 65 Mexican pesos which, according to Google, is indeed the going rate.

One more thing I learned last week: reviews are posted only in the iBookstore that belongs to the country of the person who wrote the review. So, there is a lovely review of the Monarch Butterfly book by Laura Brady which I can only see if I connect to the Canada iBookstore:

Monarch Butterfly review, by Laura Brady

and folks who connect from countries besides the US cannot see the five five-star ratings that the book has in the US iBookstore.

In US iBookstore

I think it would be nice if Apple made those out-of-country reviews available (perhaps after reviews from one's own country?) If it's the same book, this is information that would be useful to all.

At any rate, keep in mind that if you want to see reviews of your books in other iBookstores, you'll have to go to each store individually. And if you've reviewed my book on a non-US iBookstore, please let me know. I'd love to see it. (And thanks!)


  1. Hi Liz!
    Thank you for that!
    I was wondering why I still had a red dot for those stores.
    Actually to get the reviews for all countries there is a (much) easier way than to go to each of them: with iTunes Connect Mobile app for any of your book you can directly read the ratings and reviews by territories (Manage/Book/Customer Ratings & Reviews/Territory).
    You’ll see stars and comments as if you went to each store, but in a faster way.
    Hope it helps!

  2. Thanks for all the ebook help. Your tutorials are great.

  3. Great information--thank you! But do you know if this is the case if you distribute your i-books through Smashwords?


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