Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zen* and the Art of the Modular Ebook - #BiB12

I spoke at the amazing Books and Browsers 2012 conference, organized by Peter Brantley of the Internet Archive, at the end of last month in San Francisco. They've just made the video of my talk available so I wanted to share it.

In the video, I share the experiences with print publishing, Barcelona, and HTML that led me to where I am today—a bestselling computer book writer, turned publisher and Catalanist!

I should note that my blog is misspelled in the titles. If you're here, you know it's Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis.

And I'm particularly embarrassed that I misspoke about Matthew Tree. He is not "London-based" but rather he is originally from London, but has lived in Barcelona for the past 25 years or so. His book, Barcelona, Catalonia: A View from the Inside, has been described as “A must-read to understand Barcelona and Catalonia”.

And La Biblia del Macintosh, Tercera Edición, which was one of the first ever books about the Macintosh to be translated into Spanish actually had 1000 pages, not 500. It sold for 5000 pesetas, which was about $50, a monstrous sum at the time. I think we did an initial print run of about 3000 copies, which we financed by localizing the first ever translation of Adobe Photoshop into Spanish (version 3). We eventually sold all 3000 copies, taking advantage of the social marketing tools of the time: email, newsletters, and expensive advertisements in the Spanish edition of MacUser. I can only imagine where we could have gotten to if we had had Twitter.

They say you get less nervous the more that you speak in public. I'm still waiting!


  1. nervous? you did just fine, liz.

    and it was great to hear about
    the "random cars" you followed.

    plus you looked quite fantastic.
    you should screenshot yourself
    and use it as your picture here.

    i _do_ suspect that you're gonna
    have to lower your prices... but
    you can attempt to sustain 'em
    for as long as you possibly can.


    1. Thanks, bowerbird. I appreciate the kind words.


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